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Buying a Home Made Easy

Regardless of your reasons for buying a property, we understand your ultimate goal:

To find the perfect fit for your needs, at the best possible price, with terms that are favourable to you.

The GTA is an enormous city with several different neighbourhood pockets and home types in it. Buying the right home can require a lot of time & effort. Making one of the biggest investments of your life should be done with the help of a team and thus not be left up to you to handle alone. From property searching to move day, the JD team will guide you through every step of the process.

The Buyer Representation Agreement

This agreement, which permits the JD team to represent you in the search and purchase of a home, will clearly outline the fiduciary duties owed to you by us and Harvey Kalles, our brokerage.

Other significant details of this agreement will include:

  • The length of the contract
  • The general area and type of home that you are looking for
  • Commission details

*The majority of the time it’s the seller who’s responsible for paying the commission to both agents. There are seldom instances where a buyer is obligated to compensate an agent for their services.


The answers to these 4 questions will eventually help narrow down your search and give it a sense of direction and purpose. Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers just yet! The JD team are great at making suggestions as a start. Oftentimes, things become clearer as the home search progresses.

How Much Can I Afford?

Determining your budget before you start exploring can save you time and a potential disappointment. Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval from your bank, establishing a down-payment amount, and figuring out how much you’re comfortable paying on a monthly basis are all essential factors to consider.

Where do I want to live?

It’s important to consider aspects such as your commute to work, distance from family & friends, nearby schools, access to shopping & entertainment, etc. The JD team will exhaust every avenue to ensure you’re able to live in the area you deem most desirable.

What type of home do I want to live in?

Choose a type of home that runs with your lifestyle. Be sure to give consideration to circumstances in the near and distant future such as starting a family, relocation for work or retirement.


Using the expertise of the JD team to assist in your home search comes with notable benefits.

Time savings, It’s simple math – We’re 2 agents who scan the market several times per day to ensure that no opportunity is missed while you continue to manage your other important affairs in life.

Industry knowledge – We look for homes, explore neighbourhoods, and keep current with property values on a daily basis. We’re naturally in the know!

Mitigating Risk – We know exactly what to look out for. We’ll keep the problematic properties out of the mix.

Negotiation – The JD team is quick to spot out overvalued properties that you may have thought were out of your price range as well as undervalued properties that are a potential bargain.

No Commission – You don’t owe us a cent the majority of times, as the seller is the party who typically pays our commission.

Some of the tools that make up the JD team’s exceptional property searching abilities include:

  • Real time notifications of new properties as soon as they hit the market
  • A database of properties BEFORE they hit the market as well as off-market opportunities not available on the MLS or
  • Access to a network of hundreds of active agents in our brokerage linked with potential buyers and sellers


Once you’ve got the right vibes about a prospective property online, we’ll book a showing at the time that’s convenient for you. Having an agent who is available on a moment’s notice is especially important in a competitive environment where great properties barely make it onto the market before they’re sold. Whenever possible, you will always be accompanied by both Josh and Daniele because 6 eyes are better than 4! Feel free to meet us at the showing or take a passenger seat with the JD team and enjoy the ride.

Our availability is never an issue because the JD team can be in two places at any given time!

In addition to helping you envision yourself at home, we’ll keep the technical considerations in mind for you, such as:

  • Exterior foundation and roofing concerns
  • Water supply and drainage implications
  • Heating & cooling ability
  • Plumbing & electrical capacity
  • Potential zoning restrictions 

Having that vision is undoubtedly the most important component when viewing a potential future home. Being able to imagine yourself living in the home as well as the community is a service that no Realtor can provide.

That ‘this is the one!’ feeling that you get when you step into a place– that can only come from you.


Ultimately, the final decision on what price to offer a seller lies solely with you. As industry professionals who analyze and negotiate home values day-in and day-out, we will provide you with relevant and current facts to point you in the right direction. This can include:

  • Providing you with an accurate, unbiased opinion of value through a property evaluation
  • Comparing the seller’s property to others that have recently sold
  • Comparing the seller’s property to others that are currently for sale
  • Suggesting offer strategies which are best suited for every individual situation

Is it better to put my best offer forward or start low? Every situation is different and the answer generally depends on a few common questions:

  • How important is it that you buy this specific property?
  • How many other interested buyers may be making an offer?
  • How motivated is the seller to make a deal?

The best offer price is the one which you will not regret potentially losing out with.


  • Clauses and Conditions – These are terms which are laid out in the offer in order to best protect your interests. This may include asking for time to obtain financing or an inspection of the property by a qualified home inspector.
  • How Much Time the Offer is Valid for? – The amount of time you allow a seller to consider your offer directly affects the elements of urgency and pressure to accept. Different situations will call for differing lengths of time.
  • Deposit – Deposits in the GTA generally amount to 5% of the purchase price. As a general rule, the higher the deposit amount, the more a show of good faith is conveyed by the buyer.
  • Closing Date – Being as flexible as possible with regard to this date for the convenience of the seller can often add to your bargaining power.


When the JD team submits an offer on your behalf for the purchase of a property, the seller has 3 options available to them:

  • Accept the Offer
  • Reject the Offer
  • Make a Counteroffer

*A counteroffer is an offer made in response to an original offer. The seller may choose to modify some of the terms in your offer and return it back to you to contemplate accepting.

How is the JD team going to succeed in making a deal, at the best possible price, with terms that are favourable to you?

  • Avoid erratic or irrational decision making which can lead to regret
  • Provide information and fact-based reasoning to support each action
  • Assess the Risk vs. Reward of every potential option
  • Understand the seller – how psychologically motivated are they about selling their home?
  • Timing is everything! We treat every offer with urgency and seek to maximize time management during these crucial hours
  • Develop a relationship with the seller’s agent which is both workable and professional

Ultimately, the decision to make an offer on a property is yours.

The JD team will ensure that your decision is well-informed, made confidently and without regret.


On top of the asking price, there are additional costs associated with buying a home. Prior to searching, the JD team will provide you will an accurate breakdown of these expenses so that you can better manage your budget and identify your price range. You may be subject to all or some of the following:

  • Legal fees and title insurance
  • Appraisal, inspection and/or land survey fee
  • Reimbursement to the seller for any unused portion of property taxes, maintenance fees and/or utilities
  • Provincial & municipal Land Transfer Tax
  • Mortgage broker fee
  • HST on newly built properties


The JD team delivers you the news that your offer has been accepted! You’re now in the home stretch of the buying process.

Conditional Period – Depending on if you’ve chosen to include certain conditions, such as asking for time to obtain financing or an inspection of your property by a qualified home inspector, the sale of the property may not yet be firm. A conditional period will typically last up to 5 business days, during which you still have the opportunity to back out should you later discover serious deficiencies in the home or have trouble securing financing from the bank. In some cases, you as a buyer may choose to make an offer with no conditions in order to make it a more attractive and competitive option for the seller to consider.

Deposit – Upon acceptance of an offer, you will typically have 24 hours to allow us to deliver your deposit to the listing brokerage, unless otherwise stipulated in the offer. The brokerage will hold this deposit in trust until the completion of the sale.

Firm SaleTime to celebrate! Once the deposit has been submitted and all conditions have been satisfied, the home is considered to have “sold firm”.

Waiting for the Closing Date – In the coming days before closing, you as the buyer may be entitled to a certain number of visits which were previously agreed upon in the offer. These are generally used as an opportunity to take measurements for furniture placement and to help establish a plan for move day. The JD team will also ensure that all appliances and mechanical components still in good working order and that the home is kept in a reasonably clean condition until the closing date.

Closing Date – Pending a smooth closing, your lawyer will notify you when your newly purchased property becomes available. Time to plan that housewarming get together!

Our relationship doesn’t just end here. We’re always available to answer questions, provide referrals for home services or follow up on any of your concerns.

We value the connection we develop with our clients. Contracts may expire, but our commitment to you doesn’t.