The JD Team | Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage


Regardless of your reasons for selling your home, we understand your ultimate goal:

To achieve the best possible price for your home, in the shortest period of time, with terms that are favourable to you.

Selling your home can feel like an overwhelming and complex process at times. Managing the sale of an asset which carries such a large value should be done so carefully and with the help of experienced professionals. From preparation to move day, the JD team will guide you through every step of the process.


This agreement, which permits the JD team to represent you in the sale of your home, will clearly outline the fiduciary duties owed to you by us and Harvey Kalles, our brokerage.

Other significant details of this agreement will include:

  • The length of the contract
  • The listing price of the property
  • Commission details


The JD team will conduct a detailed consultation and put forth a list of suggestions that will help your home reach it’s best-selling potential.

Pre-listing Home Inspection & Land Survey – Knowledge is power! The small costs of a pre-listing home inspection and a land survey can potentially lead to an increase in sale price. These 2 tools can:

  • Uncover potential fixable issues before your home goes to market
  • Give buyers the transparency and confidence to put their best offer forward


Repairs & Alterations – Minor fixer uppers can make a major difference in your home’s value. A home with the least amount of deficiencies as possible is likely to sell faster and for a higher price.

Some examples include:

  • Fixing scratches in hardwood
  • Repairing a leaky faucet
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint where applicable
  • Replace old or outdated light fixtures

Declutter, Organize and Clean – This is by far the most important step in preparing your home for the market. The value of having a clean and spacious feel in a home cannot be overstated. Also, in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible, it’s important that your home is depersonalized. Those who view your home want to be able to easily picture themselves living in it.

Some suggested action may include:

  • Cleaning windows & carpets
  • Repositioning or relocating furniture
  • Reducing décor and countertop accessories to a minimum
  • Removing family photos, collections & souvenirs

Staging – We work closely with professional stagers that can transform your home into a buyer’s dream by strategically placing furniture and art throughout. This is especially true if you’ve already moved out of your old home and left it vacant. An empty house spells desperation. Staging your home is a great way to create an environment that will romance buyers.

First impressions are everything!


Ultimately, the final decision on what price to list at lies solely with you. As industry professionals who analyze and negotiate home values day-in and day-out, we will provide you with relevant and current facts to point you in the right direction. This can include:

  • Providing you with an accurate, unbiased opinion of value through a home evaluation
  • Comparing your home to others that have recently sold
  • Comparing your home to others that are currently for sale
  • Suggesting pricing strategies to attract the highest number of buyers possible

Can overpricing my home affect it’s ability to sell? Absolutely. When a home is overpriced, it decreases the potential interested pool of buyers. Those considering coming to see your home often lose their initial interest in viewing it. This is usually because there might simply be several other comparable options available in a lower price range. As a result, your listing may become stale on the market and possibly warrant a price decrease. This move can prompt future buyers to lowball you out of perceived desperation.

Price it right & buyers will bite.


A well-rounded marketing plan can yield a higher price for your home in a seller’s market and can mean the difference between “sold” or “expired” in a buyer’s market. The JD team will use a multitude of tools at their disposal to ensure that your home gets the attention and exposure it deserves.

For Sale Signage

The well-respected Harvey Kalles name will be a permanent fixture on your lawn to attract potential buyers.

MLS & Web Advertising

In addition to putting your home on the MLS and, we will also carefully consider other effective forms of web advertising including developing your home’s own website!

Targeted Print Ads

Sometimes you need not look any further than your own neighbourhood! Information about your home sale will reach several hundred neighbours by mail. & Coming Soon Sign

Your home will build incredible anticipation and hype before it officially hits the market with a coming soon street sign and exposure on Broker Bay, Ontario’s largest online collection of off-market exclusive homes for sale. Your home has  chance of selling before it ever goes to market!

Social Media Photos & Videos

The JD team have a well-established social media presence and your home will be at the centre of it. We are proud to be your agents and therefore you can expect to see professionally designed posts featuring your property through photos and videos.

Open Houses

Hosting an open house is one of the most effective ways to show off your home. Not all buyers are “actively” looking to buy online or with an agent. Sometimes that right buyer just sees an open house sign and the rest is history. We dedicate a lot of planning into perfecting every aspect to produce a warm and inviting open house experience. Agents open houses are also conducted to indirectly reach their prospective buyers.

Reaching Out to Our Database

Our database of potential buyers and other agents both in our brokerage and around the city will be some of the first to learn about your listing.

Home Showings and First-Hand Feedback

Our state-of-the-art online booking system uses cutting-edge technology and will ensure that you have complete transparency and control over every showing that is booked. Once it is requested, confirmation occurs with the click of a button. Furthermore, you will receive feedback on your home almost instantaneously from other agents who have been in to see it with their clients.

The Collection Magazine

Your home listing will be advertised through Harvey Kalles’ own lifestyle magazine, produced in-house and distributed quarterly to over 40,000 homes and select locations in the GTA. No other GTA brokerage produces a magazine or marketing tool of this calibre.

Photography & 3D Virtual Tours

The majority of buyers start their home search online. We often see photos that are less than full size, low resolution and home-made, thus causing a potential listing to be overlooked and ignored. Our professional photographers will negate these risks by providing undeniably showroom quality depictions of your home. We’re also able to make available 360 degree 3D virtual home tours and 3D floor plans so that prospective buyers can still appreciate your gorgeous home from their computer or mobile device!

High-Quality Feature Sheets

These are created in-house by a dedicated, full-time team of graphic designers and made available to interested buyers. These brochures will leave a lasting impression of your home with their professional photos and vibrant descriptions.

Listed Locally. Marketed Globally.

Harvey Kalles Real Estate agents and their clients have direct access to a range of international marketing channels and brokerages through our well established and trusted network of global affiliates including Luxury Portfolio International, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Juwai, Board of Regents, The Adventure Realty Network, Chestertons International, and the International Real Estate Federation.

Safety & Security

We will take every measure to guarantee the safety of your personal belongings along with maintaining the integrity of your home. Your personal information will be safeguarded at all times, potential buyers will always be documented & accompanied by a licensed real estate professional and access to the home will be granted through a confidential lockbox code.


When the JD team receives an offer for your property, our goal is to inform you in the shortest reasonable amount of time possible. The most important components which we will work together on to consider how you choose to proceed are:

  • Price
  • Amount of deposit
  • Closing date
  • Clauses & conditions
  • How much time the offer is valid for

The 3 options that you have available to you are:

  • Accept the Offer
  • Reject the Offer
  • Make a Counteroffer

*A counteroffer is an offer made in response to an original offer. As a seller, you may choose to modify some of the terms of a buyer’s offer to be more favourable to you.

How is the JD team going to get the best possible price for your home, in the shortest period of time, with terms that are favourable to you?

  • Avoid erratic or irrational decision making which can lead to regret
  • Provide information and fact-based reasoning to support each action
  • Assess the Risk vs. Reward of every potential option
  • Understand the buyer– how psychologically motivated are they about purchasing your home?
  • Timing is everything! We treat every offer with urgency and seek to maximize time management during these crucial hours
  • Develop a relationship with the buyer’s agent which is both workable and professional

Ultimately, the decision to accept, reject or counter an offer is yours.

The JD team will ensure that your decision is well-informed, made confidently and without regret.


The JD team brings you an offer that meets or exceeds your expectations and you feel great about accepting it! You’re now in the home stretch of the home selling process.

Conditional Period – A buyer may include certain conditions, such as asking for time to obtain financing or an inspection of your property by a qualified home inspector. A conditional period will typically last up to 5 business days, during which the sale of your home is not yet firm. In some cases, a buyer may make an offer with no conditions in order to make it more attractive to you.

Deposit – Upon acceptance of an offer, the buyer will typically have 24 hours to deliver their deposit to the listing brokerage unless otherwise stipulated in the offer. The brokerage will hold this deposit in trust until the completion of the sale. Deposits in the GTA generally amount to 5% of the purchase price.

Firm SaleTime to celebrate! Once the deposit has been submitted and all conditions have been satisfied, the home is considered to have “sold firm”.

Waiting for the Closing Date – In the coming days before closing, you as the seller may have to allow for a certain number of buyer visits previously agreed upon in the offer. You will also have to ensure that all appliances and mechanical components remain in good working order and that the home is kept in a reasonably clean condition until the closing date.

Closing Date – If at all manageable, we always suggest vacating your home prior to the closing date. It can be exasperating trying to move out while the buyers are looking to take possession only a few hours later. Submitting your house keys to the lawyer and remembering to leave behind accessories such as the garage door opener are a few of the necessary components that we’ll remind you of heading into the date of closing.

Our relationship doesn’t just end here. We’re always available to answer questions, provide referrals for home services or follow up on any of your concerns.

We value the connection we develop with our clients. Contracts may expire, but our commitment to you doesn’t.